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Complete Kit Car was launched with the May 2007 issue (having previously been on sale as Which Kit Car? magazine). Our remit is to bring you the broadest monthly read about all things to do with kit cars.

MEET THE TEAM... Vast Experience, Huge Enthusiasm

Ian Stent - Editor
Ian has been involved with the kit car scene in a professional capacity for the last 23-years. He's driven literally hundreds and hundreds of different kit cars over that period and owned two Marlin Roadsters, three GTM Coupes, three CC Cyclones, while building a Sylva Striker and Hawk HF2000 Lancia Stratos replica and overseeing over ten different in-house builds while editor of Which Kit? magazine during the '90s. He is one of the most experienced kit car journalists in the UK.

Adam Wilkins - Features Editor
Adam has immersed himself in the kit car scene for the last seven years, driving a large number of cars in his previous capacity as Assistant Editor for Which Kit Car? magazine and now Features Editor of CKC. He's successfully campaigned his own Tiger Avon race car for the last three seasons and completed his first kit car build in 2008, that of a Sylva Riot.

John Dickens – Technical Editor
CKC has regular and varied technical features every month and we could not have found a better man to tell you about them than John Dickens. He’s owned a kit car as his only means of daily transport since 1980 and designed a unique fibreglass monocoque chassis and suspension package for his GTM Coupe. His writing styling is clear, concise, informative and accurate. He's currently rebuilding a UVA Fugitive.

Ash Gardiner – Project Builder
Ash joined the CKC team after we followed his fantastic build of a Haynes Roadster. His 'can do' attitude to kit car assembly is inspiring and his no-nonsense writing style is informative and amusing.

Gary Axon/Richard Heseltine
We are fortunate to have two highly knowledgeable and well respected jounalists who contribute regularly to CKC's overal editorial mix. Make sure you don't miss them... only in CKC.

Launched early in 2007, Complete Kit Car magazine is now the largest magazine within the kit car industry, with readers and manufacturers excited by our obvious enthusiasm, drive and determination to bring the best of the kit car scene to a wider audience.

Combine this exciting and fresh outlook with informative road tests, technical features, news, new car reviews, in-house build projects, rolling road shoot-outs, readers' build diaries, extensive club coverage and loads of cars to buy from our classifieds, and we think the contents of Complete Kit Car is the best you'll find.

At Complete Kit Car we do not repeat material... ever! Every month you can be guaranteed that we’ll provide you with fresh material that’s well photographed and professionally written. You wouldn’t expect anything else, would you?

Average monthly magazine sales across the UK have been in decline at a rate of over 6% per annum for several years now, but Complete Kit Car is already reversing that trend, with sales up 80% year-on-year and subscriptions growing by an amazing 115%.

As part of our long-term marketing campaign to get the magazine to new kit car readers, we’ve run promotions with Tesco (resulting in long term availability), Sainsburys, motorway service outlets (once again, with long term availability as a consequence) while improving our availability in established retailers such as WHSmiths and the independents. We are actively looking at other areas where we feel we can reach out with the magazine and attract new people to this amazing scene.

On the Complete Kit Car website and magazine it is our policy not to comment specifically about our competitors. You will not find this to be the case elsewhere. We don't believe negative press coverage is what you want to read about (and it's certainly not what we want to write about!). We will shout about our achievements and demonstrate that we know we have the experience, knowledge and ability to help you, not just with choosing and building a kit car, but also with ways in which you may want to enjoy a car once it's complete.

Above all, we will always strive to be POSITIVE about this fantastic scene that we love so much, we will always endeavour to be PROFESSIONAL in the way we deal with our readership and the manufacturers and, in case you hadn't realised it already... we are 'Complete'ly PASSIONATE about kit cars and producing the best kit car magazine we possibly can.

Enjoy browsing this website (we update it regularly), enjoy reading Complete Kit Car and, above all, get out there and enjoy kit cars. We love 'em!

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Ian Stent

Adam Wilkins
Features Editor

John Dickens
Technical Editor

Ash Gardiner
Project Builder

Gary Axon

Richard Heseltine