Sylva Vectis

Sylva Vectis.JPG
Sylva Vectis; IVA tested and registered by myself in 2013
Fantastic power to weight ratio so quick, agile and great fun. Surprisingly quiet, economical and comfortable.
Powder coated space frame chassis similar to Sylva J15 but with MGF rear subframe.
Independent suspension front and rear with adjustable shock absorbers.
Escort Mk2 quick rack, leather rim Steering wheel.
Transverse rear mounted fuel injected MGF 1800 engine and 5 speed gearbox, MGF exhaust manifold and catalyst with stainless steel silencer.
ETB electronic instruments. Heater installed.
Lotus screen in Sylva surround. (Could be fitted with wrap around Perspex screen if preferred.)
Refurbished MGF wheels fitted with Vredestein tyres
Very well known car that has been featured in several motoring publications including Complete kitcar and MG Enthusiast.
I am open to sensible offers.
Please contact Jeremy on  07884 954304