I built this for my grandson 8 years ago when he was 3. Then it was used again for his brother but they’ve grown out of it now. It is made from MDF (from paper plans) and a plastic kitchen flip top bin.

All parts were purchased new from Lightning Cars.

It is powered by an 18 volt electric drill; originally the drill chuck was in contact with one rear wheel which then turned it by friction. I found that a lot of the power would simply spin away, particularly as the children got heavier, so I converted the car to chain drive by using parts of an old bike. 

It works quite well but the batteries tend to run out quite quickly so it would really lend itself to further conversion to be driven by a battery powered electric motor – but I’ve no more grandchildren on the way so I’ve no incentive to carry that out!

The original steering used a wire on a bobbin arrangement but it was a bit vague so the car has also been upgraded to use a more substantial pedal car steering mechanism.

It has been stored for a while and some of the plastic is becoming a little brittle but it’s a sound basis for some light renovation and potential upgrade.

Includes original plans, 4 drill batteries and charger.

Plans originally cost £20 and all the parts over £120 plus MDF and cordless drill.  For sale at £65.

It is located in Eltham, South East London.

Contact Simon on 07921 578989. (More photos available).