About Us

The team at Complete Kit Car magazine don’t just write about kit cars, we build and run our own cars, too…

adam-wilkinsAdam Wilkins

Adam first joined Which Kit? magazine on a week’s work experience back in the summer of 2000… and never left. Sticking with the magazine proved more appealing than returning to college to complete his A-levels, and he eventually became editor of Complete Kit Car (as the magazine has evolved into by then) in 2015. He currently runs a Sylva Riot and still has the Tiger Avon he raced for five years in the late noughties. The latter is looking a little the worse for wear these days, but he insists it will see the track again.

ian-stentIan Stent
Roving Reporter

Ian has been writing about kit cars since 1990. Formerly the editor and and owner of Complete Kit Car magazine, he now has the less taxing role of Roving Reporter… which means he gets to spend more time driving kit cars, meeting builders and manufacturers and less time at his desk. He’s on his third CC Cyclone (and denies any addiction) and has also owned a Marlin Roadster, Transformer Stratos replica and at lease one GTM Coupé. A vital and hugely experienced member of the Complete Kit Car team.

John Dickens - our carsJohn Dickens
Technical Editor

Nobody had seen John’s CV when he started writing for us in 2007, but we had seen the GTM Coupe for which he’d built a GRP monocoque chassis from scratch. That was good enough for us. Since then, his concise technical features have become a mainstay of Complete Kit Car, we’ve published two books he’s written and he has built a UVA Fugitive. It’s one of many kit cars he’s owned, including a Hustler that he used every day and a Spartan that he raced. Pretty decent CV, we reckon!

richard-heseltineColumnist and contributor
Richard Heseltine

What Richard doesn’t know about obscure old kit cars isn’t worth knowing. In fact, most of the stuff he does know is also not worth knowing, but he still insists on submitting it for publication. In truth, his regular Retro Round-Up feature is hugely popular. Richard is an established and respected journalist in the classic car world, and one who just happens to be passionate the kind of cars that make Complete Kit Car tick.

Gary Axon - welcomeColumnist and contributor
Gary Axon

Like Richard, Gary is another leading figure in the classic car world who is deeply knowledgeable on the topic of the kinds of kit cars almost nobody else has heard of. He shares his Complete Kit Car column on alternate months with Richard. When he’s not broadening his knowledge of forgotten kit cars, Gary is usually found at shows all over Europe sniffing out fibreglass cars for his regular Out and About contributions.

James Horsley - our carsTechnical contributor
James Horsley

James is an unashamed fan of all things powered by Volkswagen air-cooled engines. Having restored one Nova to mint condition, he went ahead and rebuilt a second. Meanwhile, the other space in his garage is occupied by an Apal beach buggy that followed the Bugle buggy that was in there before. Oh, but he does have a water-cooled secret: his current Nova has a Subaru engine.

Martin Scott - Our carsTechnical contributor
Martin Scott

Nobody really knows how many kit cars Martin owns, but the best estimate is somewhere between ‘several’ and ‘many’. He uses a Rickman Ranger daily, and also has a Quantum Saloon that sees regular use. There’s also a Calvy Mitchel in need of restoration that’s promised the TLC it deserves. All of this means that he’s full of useful hands-on advice from years of building and maintaining his own kit cars. Most of Martin’s working life was as a development engineer at Ford, with a brief spell in the same role at Lotus.

Peter Rosenthal - running reportsTechnical contributor
Peter Rosenthal

For his dayjob, Peter writes about motorhomes. When he’s not doing that, he’s in the garage building the Gardner Douglas T70 that he dreamed of for years before finally placing the order. You can read his updates on that in Our Cars in the magazine, alongside his regular tool tests and how-to guidance. We’re waiting for that day he shows you how to put a tow hitch on a GD to pull a caravan…