Sylva Leader

A very nice Sylva Leader fitted with a rebuilt Fiat 1800 Twin Cam that has been stored in a garage. All running gear was supplied by Vauxhall. The car was initially built in 1989, but was striped down and rebuilt in 2001-2002. The interior has been refitted and the side screens are included. I am selling this for someone else but if you have any … Continue reading Sylva Leader

What the proposed MoT changes mean

The Department for Transport (DfT) has recently released a new propasal document called ‘Road Vehicles – Improving air quality and safety’. While this is primarily aimed at stopping a repeat of the dieselgate problems from large scale manufacturers, there is a section relating to MoT standards for newly registered kit cars. These can be found at section 4.10 to 4.13, reproduced here: 4.10  Kit cars … Continue reading What the proposed MoT changes mean