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August 2022 issue

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Complete Kit Car August 2022 issue

  • Lunico D2R – Exclusive look at a forthcoming supercar replica
  • Mirage 250 – The first customer-built example
  • Hustler 4 – Custom aluminium bodied Hustler
  • Blackjack Zero build – Moto Guzzi powered three-wheeler
  • Weather gear – Getting the best kit for the job
  • Anti-roll bars – The case in favour
  • Battery conditioners – Keep your kit car on the button
  • Tech Talk – Bumpsteer
    …and much more!

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Lunico Lamborghini

We visit Lunico, a new company to the market that has been working on Lamborghini Countach replicas for two years. But the main reason for our peek behind closed doors was to see the new D2R, a supercar replica due to hit the market soon. What we saw was very promising indeed.

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Mirage Ferrari 250 SWB

Bill Cooke built the first ever privately-assembled Mirage GT, and the finished result is spectacular. Emma Woodcock spent the day with him to get under the skin of the upmarket BMW-powered coupé.

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Interstyl Hustler

The Interstyl Hustler 4 has a cult following, and Paul Temple’s example stands out for its bespoke aluminium bodywork. He’s more used to restoring high end classic cars for his dayjob and applied those skills to this kit car restoration. Jack Wood has the story.

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Blackjack Zero build

Alan Middleton’s Blackjack Zero may well be the very last of the line, and it’s a classic in its own lifetime. He built the Moto Guzzie powered three-wheeler having previously built an example of its predecessor, the Citroën 2CV based Avion.

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Battery conditioners for kit cars

We’ve all been there: the chance to drive your kit car is curtailed by a flat battery. Peter Rosenthal looks at the options for keeping your battery in top condition so your kit car is on the button whenever you want it.

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Anti roll bars for kit cars

Could your car benefit from an anti-roll bar? Dennis Silman of Siltech makes the argument in favour.

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We weather gear for kit cars

From temporary covers to hard-tops, there are many options when it comes to kit car weather gear. We outline the pros and cons of the various offerings in our August issue.

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