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June 2022 issue

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Complete Kit Car June 2022

  • Classic Coachworks Kobra – Classic-inspired BMW Z3 rebody
  • AB Shayman – Driving the one and only sevenesque roadster from AB
  • Sammio Special – Triumph-based and Mazda-powered Sammio
  • Stoneleigh 2022 – Full show review
  • MEV Exocet build – First-time builder’s project
  • Suspension set-up – How to get it right
  • Oil grades – What they mean and how to choose the right one
  • Tech Talk – Tyres
    …and much more!

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Classic Coachworks Kobra BMW Z3

Gareth Sellwood watched the values of second-hand Cobra replicas rise over ten years and wondered whether he’d ever be able to afford his dream car. Then he came across Classic Coachworks and the BMW Z3-based Tribute Kobra and realised that there was an offering that suited his budget. It’s in our June issue.

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AB Shayman

Only one AB Shayman was ever built before the company succumbed to the lockdowns on 2022. Did the seveneque market miss out? Editor Adam Wilkins drove the one and only example to find out.

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Sammio Special

Jack Wood met the three OEM engineers who tackled a kit car build at home to see what they brought to the project. Triumph-based and Mazda MX-5 powered, this Sammio Special deviates from the model’s norms.

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MEV Exocet

Rob Goddard had wanted to build a kit car for years before realising before realising he’d have to bite the bullet and make it happen. He ordered a MEV Exocet kit and didn’t look back.

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Kit car suspension

Is your kit car’s suspension set up correctly? Make sure you’re getting the best from it by reading Peter Rosenthal’s guide in our June issue.

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Tech Talk tyres

Tyres are this month’s focus for John Dickens in Tech Talk. He explains how they do what they do.

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