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November 2018 issue

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  • Blitzworld Beast – New buggy driven
  • Anu Dimension GTB – Reader’s Boxster based 911 replica
  • Tiger Avon – Is the bigger Avon better than ever?
  • Lotus Seven GT – Super-rare period modification
  • Gardner Douglas 427 – Two readers’ builds
  • How to – Fit reverse sensors
  • Engine profile – Rover K-series
  • …and much more!

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Blitzworld has been continually developing its road-legal off-road buggies, and the latest offering is the Beast. We drove it off-road and on (and in the air!)…

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A Porsche replica based on a Porsche! See how this reader’s Boxster based Anu Dimension GTB looks in the flesh. A supercar lookalike that can be – and is – used for the daily commute.

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Tiger has thoroughly revised its Avon, making it bigger in every dimension. The work has been done to suit export markets… but it also makes it more desirable for the UK. The full story is in our November issue.

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We tracked down a super-rare Lotus Seven GT. It was an unusual conversion in period, and most have since been returned to standard making this very scarce indeed. Find out why you’d add a roof to a Seven in the full story…

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See how two Gardner Douglas builders became friends while simultaneously building GD 427s…

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084_CKC_NOV copy

Is the Rover K-series deserving of its reputation for head gasket failure? How do you get the best from one? We reveal all in our detailed engine profile…

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