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February 2020 issue

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  • RoadRunner SR2 – The oft-overlooked sevenesque roadster driven
  • Fiero Factory 427 – The Cobra replica built in 14 weeks
  • One-off Austin-Healey Sprite – Built from theatre show and rock tour left-overs
  • Engine profile – How to buy, tune and maintain a Ford Ecoboost
  • Midas Mk4 – Reader’s restomod
  • Retro Round-Up – Unearthing forgotten kits and specials
  • …and much more!

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032 RoadRunner SR2.jpg

The RoadRunner SR2 is often overlooked in the crowded sevenesque marketplace. We thought it was time to catch up with this low-key company and drive its latest demonstrator to see how the model evolved throughout the decade.

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038 Fiero Euro 427.jpg

Mike Shepherd waited years to build his dream Cobra replica… but when he did, he didn’t hang about – this car was build and on the road in just 14 weeks! The full story is in our February issue.

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042 Healey one-off.jpg

Not all is what it seems with this crazy one-off! Built on the underpinnings of an Austin-Healey ‘Frogeye’ Sprite, it’s host to left-over props from stage shows and rock tours. Every part has a story to tell…

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070 Ford Ecoboost.jpg

Look to fit a Ford Ecoboost engine, or already have one? John Dickens shows you how to buy, tune and maintain the modern Ford engine.

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058 Midas build.jpg

See how this Midaz Mk4 received a restomod – while still being used every day! Jack Wood met the builder to see how he did it.

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048 Retro Round Up.jpg

A traditional roadster based on a lorry chassis – that and more forgotten kit cars and specials are unearthed by Richard Heseltine in Retro Round-Up.

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