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February 2021 issue

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  • Autotune Aristocat Pt2 – The owner who went from original classic to replica
  • MK Indy – Suzuki GSXR1000 powered track machine
  • Scamp overseas – When Scamp Motor Company attempted to go worldwide
  • Metro 6R4 replica – One-off Group B rally car replica
  • A day in the Life of – Aluminium fabrication specialist Batho Sports Cars
  • How to – Fit a tyre pressure monitoring system
  • Flywheels – How they’re designed
    …and much more!

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Autotune Aristocat Jaguar

We meet Autotune Aristocat owner Nigel Evans who previously owned a Jaguar XK150, and find out why he prefers his kit-form replica to the genuine classic he previously had.

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MK Indy

Wayne Armsden moved from drag racing to trackdays, and spec’d his MK Indy for driving fun in favour of outright performance. Jack Wood met him and took a closer look at the car.

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Mini Scamp Andrew MacLean

In the 1990s, Andrew MacLean of the Scamp Motor Company made several attempts to market his Mini based utility cars overseas. They weren’t always successful, but they were often adventure-packed. Jeroen Booij spoke to him about the (mis)adventures.

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Complete Kit Car Retro Round Up Ginetta

Richard Heseltine’s Retro Round-Up leads with Ginetta of the 1980s, wedgy coupés that took on mainstream cars and led to the marque’s reversal of fortunes.

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MG Metro 6R4 replica

Take one Rover Metro and one MG TF and create an MG Metro 6R4 replica. That’s what Jamie Williams did, and Jack Wood talked to him about the process.

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Batho Sports Cars aluminium

Aluminium craftsmanship is often reserved for classic car restorations, but Batho Sports Cars applies the skill to kit car builds. Ian Stent spent the day with him to see what he can offer and how he goes about it.

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