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Stoneleigh 2020 issue

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  • GBS Zero – Heavily revised Gen 2 driven
  • Imp based group test – Ginetta G15 v Davrian v Clan Crusader
  • Retro kits – Spartan Roadster and Dutton Legerra
  • Talking Shop – With Wayne Blackwell of Blackwell Sportscars
  • Sylva Phoenix – Built for the drag strip
  • Sprokets and chains – For bike engined cars
  • …and much more!

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038 GBS Zero copy.png

It may look similar to any GBS Zero that has come before, but the new Gen 2 version of the car features updates that are counted in the hundreds. We got behind the wheel and under the skin of the latest demonstrator.

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046 Imps copy.png

Was the Hillman Imp a car that had the right ingredients in the wrong package? Its lightweight and willing Coventry Climax engine is much better suited to a two-seater sports car. We pit the Ginetta G15, Davrian and Clan Crusader against each other.

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060 Spartan and Dutton copy.png

Retro kit cars are having something of a resurgence lately. We meet two owners who have gone from faster, more sophisticated kit cars to a Dutton Legerra and Spartan Roadster – and find out why they’re loving their back-to-basics sports cars.

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032 Talking Shop copy.png

Blackwell Sports Cars has been working behind the scenes on its second model, the Toyota MR2 based SPR2. We catch up with boss Wayne Blackwell to see the latest progress.

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076 Readers Build copy.png

Sylvas may be best known for their circuit work, but here’s a Phoenix that has been designed for the quarter-mile strip. We take a look at the build of a car that can pull wheelies.

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088 BEC sprockets copy.png

If you have a chain-driven bike engined car, here’s everything you need to consider when specifying the chain and sprocket.

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