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May 2019 issue

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  • Exo SVE Rocket II – 555bhp per tonne!
  • Gardner Douglas GD 427 – New LS7 throttle body kite
  • SHADO Jeep – Weird ’70s sci-fi prop on the road
  • Road Trip – Around New Zealand with 26 kit cars
  • Rochdale GT – Wild VW based restomod
  • How To – Make rigid brake pipes
  • …and much more!

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038 Exo Rocket.jpg

With 555bhp per tonne thanks to it’s 2.3-litre Ford Ecoboost engine, there’s no doubting this Exo SVE Rocket II is quick. But there’s more to it than that – the approach this builder has taken makes it just the sort of modern kit car we’d like to see more of. Ian Stent takes a closer look, and drives it, in the May issue.

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060 Gardner Douglas GD 427.jpg

Gardner Douglas is always in a process of continuous development, and the latest progress has been the introduction of a throttle body package for the Chevrolet LS engine. Adam Wilkins looks at the details and tries it on the road.

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054 Shado Jeep.jpg

Have you ever seen anything like this? The SHADO Jeep was a prop for a 1970s sci-fi series… and via a scrapyard halfway around the world it has recently found itself back on UK roads following a thorough restoration. That font of all Mini special knowledge, Jeroen Booij, has the details.

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046 road trip.jpg

No fewer than 26 kit cars embarked on a 1400-mile road trip around New Zealand to mark the end of the country’s summer. Carey Marsh has the story from the seat of his Fraser Clubman.

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074 readers build.jpg

This Rochdale GT isn’t all that it appears. Jack Wood meets the creator of this Volkswagen Beetle based, Subaru powered hillclimb machine, nicknamed Bad Toad.

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086 How to.jpg

Martin Scott shows you how to make rigid brake lines, no matter whether you’re building a new kit or restoring an older car.

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