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June 2019 issue


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  • RS Retro B200 – Exclusive look at the new Ford RS200
  • DeHavilland F48 – The new affordable, easy-to-build sports car
  • Rochdale GT restomod – Unlike any Rochdale you’ve seen before
  • Pre-lit Westfield build – Over three decades in the making
  • Ford Zetec profile – What you need to know about buying and running a Zetec
  • Brake upgrade – How to improve your braking with bigger discs
  • …and much more!

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042 RS200

The B200 is an exciting new Ford RS200 replica from RS Retro. It takes authenticity to a new level… as you can read in the full feature where we take a detailed look at the new offering.

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050 Dehavilland

DeHavilland Motor Company’s new F48 is a radical departure from the Ferrari Dino replicas that company is best known for. This MG TF based sports car promises an affordable and easy build – the team reckons two people can assemble one in 48 hours. We have an exclusive first look at it.

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056 Rochdale Pt2

Here’s a Rochdale GT like you’ve never seen before… with a Beetle floorpan and Subaru power, it’s a real hybrid. It’s our kind of crazy!

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070 readers build

This pre-lit Westfield kit spent several decades changing hands in kit form before Gary Tipping got to grips with it and finished it off. See how he got on getting a pre-SVA/IVA car completed, through the test and on the road.

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086 Ford Zetec Engine Profile

Got a Ford Zetec? John Dickens tells you everything you need to know about buying, tuning and running this ubiquitous kit car engine.

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076 Brake conversion

Bigger brake discs are a more affordable way to get better braking than a caliper upgrade. Jason Burrage guides you through the process of a conversion.

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