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November 2019 issue

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  • MEV Replicar – Built by RoadRunner, the best example ever?
  • Kingfisher Overlander – The new sandrail from the VW experts
  • Healy Enigma Mk3 – The first privately built example on the road
  • MK Indy build – Bike engined track car with hand controls
  • Talking Shop – With Al from body conversion specialist Turismo
  • Engine Profile – The Ford Crossflow engine in detail
  • …and much more!

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040 MEV Replicar.jpg

It’s not often that a kit car manufacturer builds a kit from someone else, but that’s exactly what RoadRunner Racing has done with this MEV Replicar. And we reckon it’s the best example of the breed. Full story in our November issue.

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032 Kingfisher.jpg

Kingfisher has 40 years experience with Volkswagen based kit cars, so when Overlander wanted to build sandrails for adventures into Asia, they knew who to turn to. Jack Wood takes a drive of the fruit of that collaboration.

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046 Healy Enigma.jpg

This is the first Healy Enigma Mk3 to have been privately built. See how Roy Wood overcame being the guinea pig and take a look at the finished car in our November issue.

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028 Talking Shop Q and A.jpg

Having just moved into new premises, Turismo is on a mission to fulfil its ambitious plans to offer ever more bodykits – and its first ground-up kit based on its own chassis. We caught up with them for our Talking Shop interview.

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058 Readers Build.jpg

Nick Fowler’s MK Indy is not your average build… following a motorcycle accident that left him paralysed, it had to be fitted with hand controls so he could drive it. We take a look at what was involved in the build.

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070 Ford Crossflow engine profile.jpg

Want to get the most from a

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