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January 2019 issue

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  • Exclusive! Porsche Boxster based Iconic Speedster driven
  • First drive – Diesel engined Marlin Sportster. Would you?
  • Reader’s Suffolk SS100 – built in just 19 days
  • How to – Set up suspension alignment at home
  • Engine profile – Everything you need to know about the Ford Pinto
  • …and much more!

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Iconic Autobody is a new company to the industry… but the ex-DNA name behind it is very experienced in creating body conversions. Adam Wilkins gets an exclusive first drive of its new Porsche Boxster based Speedster… a modernised retro offering.

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Jack Wood spends time with Andy Burrows of Gardner Douglas to see what makes the company ticks, and where it’s heading in the future.

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040 Marlin Sportster.jpg

Would you build a diesel engined kit car? Ian Stent reckons it makes more sense than you’d imagine after trying out Marlin’s oil-burning straight six Sportster.

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046 Suffolk SS100.jpg

After building his Suffolk SS100 in the equivalent of just 19 days, Wayne Johnson immediately set off on a road trip to Spa… and he’s been using the car extensively ever since.

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060 Engine profile Ford Pinto.jpg

The venerable Ford Pinto remains a common sight in older kit cars. John Dickens tells you everything you need to know to buy, tune and maintain one.

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070 How To Wheel Alignment.jpg

A thorough suspension alignment will transform any kit car… and you don’t need expensive equipment for great results. Peter Rosenthal shows you how to do it yourself in your garage at home.

PLUS: 31 things to do with your kit car this winter!

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