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March 2019 issue

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  • New car! Dax Coupé Daytona replica
  • Marlin EXi comeback
  • Reader’s restored Jago on the road
  • Reader’s build – one-off 1930s BMW 328 replica
  • How To – Make basic GRP panels
  • …and much more!

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038 Dax Coupe

Under the ownership of JK Sportscars, Dax has introduced its first all-new model in many years in the form of the Coupé – its new Daytona replica. We get the behind-the-scenes story on the car’s development and introduction.

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032 Marlin EXi.jpg

After a break from the market, Marlin’s mid-engined EXi has made a comeback following demand from a number of new customers. Ian Stent went for a refresher drive to see how it stacks up today.

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044 Jago Geep.jpg

Having owned seven Jago Geeps, Paul Leyland knew exactly what he wanted from his latest build. Starting with the box arches from an Opel Manta, he created his ultimate incarnation of the breed… and you can see the finished result in the current issue.

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056 readers build.jpg

What do you do when the car you want to own as a replica isn’t available? You build your own from scratch! That’s what Charles Walden did, creating a replica of the 1930s BMW 328 on a Triumph basis. See how he did it in the March issue.

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062 How to make fibreglass brackets.jpg

Ever tried making anything from GRP? James Horsley shows you the basics so you can attempt it yourself without taking on anything too ambitious.

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064 Engine profile A series.jpg

The A-series is still a popular engine for classic kit cars… John Dickens shows you how to pick the best and tune it.

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