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July 2020 issue

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  • Electric Eleven – The new EV package for any kit car
  • Andrew MacLean interview – The man behind Scamp
  • Westfield Ecoboost conversion – DIY engine swap
  • Retro Round-Up – More forgotten cars from the archive
  • MEK SS3 build – Incredible one-off three-wheeler build
  • Air tools – Are they worth the investment?
  • …and much more!

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022 Eco Classics Eleven copy

Is electric power finally going to become a serious contender in the kit car market? Eco Classics is offering motor and battery packages tailor made to specific cars, and we tried out its Lotus Eleven replica demonstrator in our July issue.

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030 Andrew MacLean copy

The Scamp was once one of the most popular kit car marques, but for the last couple of decades it has been in the background. We catch up with boss Andrew MacLean, who’s still busily building cars from his Sussex workshop.

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038 Westfield SE Pt2 copy

Tim Reid is the first person to fit a 1.6-litre Ford Ecoboost engine to a Westfield, having done the conversion himself. We take a look at the finished car in the July issue.

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046 Retro Round-Up copy

Some kit cars have competed at the very top level of motorsport, such as the Falcon that took on the Le Mans 24-hour. It’s just one of the stories that Richard Heseltine has found in the Complete Kit Car archives this month…

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056 readers build copy

Serial one-off builder Mick Keeley has recently completed his most recent ground-up build, the MEK SS3 three-wheeler. See how he did it in our July issue.

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062 Using air tools copy

Are air tools worth the investment? Peter Rosenthal takes a look at the options to help you assess whether it’s the next must-have for your garage.

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