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  • XCS Designs – Inside the Cobra replica maker’s new factory
  • DJC V-Storm WR3 – DJC’s latest demo packs 504bhp and an £80k pricetag
  • Ultima GTR build – Father and son’s supercar build project
  • Europa Specialist Spares – Celebrating its 40th anniversary
  • Driveshafts – How they’re designed
    …and much more!

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042 XCS Designs copy

XCS Designs moved into its new factory before lockdown hit. The company spent 2020 getting the facility up to scratch, and has also been developing a new De Dion version of its 427 and a sevenesque roadster. We thought it was time to pay the company a visit to see what’s been going on behind closed doors.

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DJC V-Storm

The three-seat DJC V-Storm WR3 offers a unique driving experience, while its Subaru Impreza powerplant is almost endlessly tuneable. The latter point is made forcefully with the company’s latest demonstrator, which packs a 504bhp punch. It’s featured in our new May issue.

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Edge Devil V8

Only ten Edge Devils have ever been built… and Tim Russell has put three of them together, more than anyone else including the company that originally manufactured them! His latest is the only one to have been fitted with a V8 engine. We met him to find out why the single-seater kit car appeals so much.

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Tiger RM7

Over the last three decades, Tiger Racing has established itself as one of the biggest names in the kit car industry. But it wasn’t an easy start for the company back in 1990, with the South African built RM7 landing it in hot water almost before it had even started. Jack Wood tells the story of how Tiger Racing overcame the obstacle and released the Super Six just a few months later.

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Ultima GTR build

This father and son Ultima GTR build was more than just a pastime, acting as an apprenticeship for the younger of the builders, Thomas Dent. We meet them and find out how they went their own way with the build.

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Europa Specialist Spares

Europa Specialist Spares has just moved into new premises as it celebrates 40 years in business. Chances are, if you’ve built a kit car, you’ve bought parts from Europa. We met the team to find out how it got where it is in four decades.

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