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September 2019 issue

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  • Gardner Douglas T70 – Lamborghini baiting project car his the road
  • MEV Electrocet – Stuart Mills’ Exocet EV
  • GCS Hawke Pt2 – Reader’s modified Morgan replica
  • 30 years of Tiger Racing – Huge eight-car anniversary celebration gathering
  • PJR Sports – One-off traditional roadster
  • Dutton Phaeton build – Wild road legal drag car
  • …and much more!

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066 GD T70.jpg

Contributor Peter Rosenthal has completed the build of his Gardner Douglas T70 – and, as you’ll read, he couldn’t be happier! And with Lamborghini performance and greater thrills at a fraction of the price, you can see why…

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048 MEV Electrocet.jpg

Stuart Mills reckons that the likes of Tesla are making their electric cars too heavy and complicated to be truly environmentally friendly… so he has taken a different approach with an electric Exocet with just enough batteries for his weekly commute. Adam Wilkins drove it for our September issue.

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054 GCS Hawke.jpg

We love seeing kit cars that have been modified, and Drew Selvey’s multiple award winning GCS Hawke fits the bill. Following the build story in last month’s issue, Jack Wood takes a look at the completed car.

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036 Tiger.jpg

Tiger Racing was established 30 years ago, and to celebrate we gathered its key models. Ian Stent – who was first to drive the Tiger Six three decades ago – charts the company’s ups and downs in a huge 10-page feature.

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060 PJR.jpg

The one-off PJR Sports is an MGB based traditional roadster with superb detailing and huge appeal. We took a look at a car that went its own way, with no kit and no build manual.

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080 Readers build.jpg

This Dutton Phaeton may look quite subtle, but it packs a surprising punch – in the form of a 7.1-litre Chevrolet V8 which, with nitrous, can produce over 1000bhp. It’ll do wheelies, too!

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