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October 2019 issue

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  • DeHavilland DVT GTS – The ultimate Ferrari Dino replica?
  • MK Indy RX-5 – New Mazda MX-5 based roadster driven
  • Dutton Phaeton – Wild 1000bhp road legal drag car
  • Talking Shop – With Mike Longstaff at RoadRunner Racing
  • Healy Enigma build – The first home-built Mk3
  • A Day In The Life Of – Speedy Cables
  • …and much more!

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046 De Havilland.jpg

Is this the ultimate Ferrari Dino replica? Running Reporter Jason Burrage went to the nth degree when putting his DeHavilland DVT GTS together to make it as close to the original as possible. We take a close look, and drive it, in our new issue.

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040 MK Indy.jpg

MK’s Indy RX-5, its Mazda MX-5 based roadster demonstrator, has just hit the road… and we didn’t waste any time getting a first drive. Not only does the car acquit itself very well, but we were very impressed by what we saw behind the scenes. Full story in the October issue.

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054 Drag Dutton.jpg

It doesn’t look to far from an ordinary Dutton Phaeton, but this 7.1-litre Nos V8 monster produces over 1000bhp. It’s road legal – and it can pull wheelies!

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036 Talking Shop.jpg

What’s been going on RoadRunner Racing? It’s a question we thought we’d answer by spending a morning with boss Mike Longstaff…

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070 Healy build.jpg

This is the first Healy Enigma Mk3 to be privately built, so we thought we’d catch up with owner Roy Wood to see what he made of the build.

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086 day in the life of.jpg

Despite the name, there’s more that cables at Speedy Cables – they also

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