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September 2018 issue

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  • AK 427 LS7 – Redefining the word ‘fast’
  • Ginetta G15 restoration – Race car recreated for the road
  • Burton 2CV pick-up – With BMW motorcycle power
  • Sylva Riot – The coolest Riot we’ve ever seen
  • Road Trip – To Spain in the ex-£500 Challenge Treka
  • Locost – Reader’s budget Locost build
  • How To – Refurbish your alloy wheels at home
  • …and much more!

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We’ve driven cars that are as powerful as AK’s new 610bhp Chevrolet LS7 powered demonstrator, but none that have the sledgehammer acceleration. Read the full verdict in our September issue, out now.

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Built to replicate a 1970s racecar, this Ginetta G15 is a road car with deep-rooted family connections. It’s also a hugely appealing classic kit car… and you can see more of it in our new issue.

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There’s more to this Citroën 2CV conversion than meets the eye. As well as the pick-up body, developed by Dutch kit car maker Burton, it also packs BMW flat twin motorcycle power.

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Is this the coolest Sylva Riot you’ve ever seen? Its bespoke rollcage, LED lighting and Honda engine all make it stand out – and that’s before you see the intricate one-off detail that went into the build.

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Remember the Treka from the Complete Kit Car £500 Challenge a few years back? Current owner Alex Prior took it all the way to Spain… and is planning more Continental jaunts in future. He reports on the trip in our September issue.

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Glenn Ball bought a Locost chassis and body ready made, together with now rare Escort Mk2 donor parts, and has created a new Locost with old-school appeal.

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Alloy wheels letting down your car’s appearance? We show you how to give them a makeover in your garage at home.

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