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Spring 2021 issue

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  • AK 427 – First time builder’s Cobra replica on the road for the first time
  • Baja Buggy Special Pt2 – One-off off-road machine
  • Mini based kit car collection – Meet Tony Bucknall and his incredible collection
  • Retro Round-Up – Classic kits and specials
  • Edge Devil build – Unique V8 engined single-seater
  • Alloy wheels – How to spec them correctly
  • Differentials – How they work
    …and much more!

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022 AK 427 copy

With just ten miles on the clock prior to our photoshoot, this AK 427 couldn’t have been more freshly built. Despite that, owner Terry Poulter is already looking to sell it – he can’t wait to get stuck into the next build. Adam Wilkins met him.

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030 Baja Buggy copy

This Baja Buggy Special has more in common with the original beach buggy concept than you may think – as Jack Wood explains after meeting owner Gary Bourne.

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038 Tony Bucknall collection copy

This amazing collection of Mini based kit cars has been amassed by Tony Bucknall in his quest to save them from being destroyed. Jeroen Booij spent the day finding out what’s in the collection and why it has grown so big over the years.

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046 Retro Round Up copy

Richard Heseltine’s regular dive into archive unearths more kit cars of yesteryear – including the one-off specials built by enthusiasts who later went on to turn their hobbies into businesses as kit car manufacturers.

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054 Edge Devil build copy

The single-seater Edge Devil is a real rarity, and this V8 engined version is utterly unique. Ian Stent found out about the unusual build from owner Tim Russell.

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060 Alloy wheels copy

Do you know your PCDs from your offsets? Peter Rosenthal explains everything you need to know when choosing alloy wheels for your kit car.

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