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March 2018 issue


  • Westfield FW400 – Rare carbon fibre monocoque Westfield
  • Exo SVE Rocket II Pt2 – Reader’s Rocket on the road
  • Dax 427 – Dax is back! We meet the new owners
  • GTM Spyder upgrades – Reader’s second-hand GTM improvements
  • Suspension Pt2 – The theory of coil-over dampers
  • …and much more!

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The Westfield FW400 is the most ambitious Seven style roadster ever – a fact that remains true 20 years after its introduction. Designed by former Lotus grand prix chief designer Martin Ogilvie, it has a carbonfibre monocoque chassis, rear mounted Hewland straight-cut gearbox and Rover K-series VHPD engine. It offers a driving experience like no other, as we found in out in our anniversary piece in the March issue.

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Modern styling with a modern donor car… the Exo SVE Rocket II, as its name suggests, keeps up with the trend for exoskeletal cars. This is one of the first privately built examples to hit the road, and it was assembled by someone who was determined to do everything himself. See how he did it in the March issue of Complete Kit Car.

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After a period of instability (to say the least), the Dax brand is under the new ownership of John Kox. Having been the marque’s agent in the Benelux region for many years, he knows the product inside out and plans to put it back where it belongs as one of the kit car industry’s best names. We met him to understand his plans.

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When you buy a second-hand kit car, there’s nothing saying you can’t put your own mark on it in the same way as someone who has built a car from scratch. Dave Parry has done just that with his GTM Spyder, as we found out when we met him to see how far he’s taken his car.

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Suspension_Complete_Kit_Car_March_2018How do coil-over dampers work? As a follow up to his more practical guidance in the December 2017 issue, Chris Hollier delves into the theory of this prolific suspension design.

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