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July 2020 issue

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  • Anu Dimension GTB RS – Porsche Boxster makeover
  • Merlin special – Traditional roadster gets a hardcore makeover
  • MEK SS3 – Stunning one-off three-wheeler
  • Retro Round-Up – More forgotten cars from the archive
  • MEK SS3 build – Incredible one-off three-wheeler build
  • Talking Shop – Rebel Performance Machine’s plans for the future
  • Retro Round-Up – Delving into the Complete Kit Car archive
  • Rochdale GT – From abandoned wreck to immaculate classic
  • Kit car electrics – How to spec your car’s wiring
  • …and much more!

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026 Anu Dimension Pt2 copy

Anu Dimension’s GTB RS hides its Porsche Boxster underpinnings comprehensively with a bodykit the replicates the 991 GTB RS. Meet the owner who’s planning to use his supercar replica as daily transport.

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032 Merlin copy.png

Running Reporter Andy Westgate has taken a 1980s traditional tourer and brought it bang up to date as a hardcore roadster for road and track use. See the finished result in our August issue.

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040 MEK SS3 copy

Mick Keeley has built three one-off cars. Find out why he reckons the latest, the MEK SS3 three-wheeler, is the best yet.

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020 Rebel talking shop copy.png

We spent time with Rebel Peformance Machines, new maker of the exoskeletal Exobusa and Exotech three and four-wheelers. Boss David Cunningham shared his ambitious plans with us.

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054 Rochdale build copy

This Rochdale had been abandoned in a garden for decades… find out how it was restored to better-than-new condition on a minimal budget.

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060 Electrics copy.png

We show you how to specify the battery, battery leads and other electrical ancillaries for your kit car.

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