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December 2021 issue

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Complete Kit Car December 2021

  • Tiger Avon – Wild 701bhp per tonne Focus RS powered Tiger driven
  • AK 40 – Behind the scenes and behind the wheel of AK’s GT40 replica
  • Eagle RV – One-off Land Rover based Eagle RV restomod
  • MK Indy RX-5 build – Reader’s super-fast MK build
  • Impact tools – Which to buy and why
  • Front suspension systems – How they’re constructed…and much more!

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Tiger Avon Focus RS

How much power is too much? Tiger Racing was on a quest to find out with its latest factory build. Powered by a 2.3-litre turbocharged Ford Duratec from a Focus RS, it has 701bhp per tonne. Adam Wilkins was managing wheelspin when he test-drove it for our December issue.

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AK 40 Southern GT

AK Sportscars has taken on the Southern GT to add a Ford GT40 replica to its range. Adam Wilkins drove AK director Neil Johnson’s Southern GT and found out about the company’s plans for the newest addition to its range.

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Eagle RV

This Eagle RV is as happy on the show field as it is off road. Builder Tony Bradshaw combined an old Eagle RV body with the underpinnings of a Land Rover Discovery to create something truly unique. Jack Wood has the story in our December issue.

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Complete Kit Car Retro Round Up

Here are some kit cars that time – but not us! – forgot. Rarities from Mohawk and Raffo kick off Richard Heseltine’s Retro Round-Up this month.

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MK Indy RX-5 Turbo

This MK Indy was built in just five months. That’s incredible enough in its own right, but is even moreso when you realise that builder Michael Ford also assembled his own turbo installation for the Mazda MX-5 engine. Jack Wood found out how he did it.

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Car building impact tools

Impact tools can make all the difference to a kit car build, but you need to make sure you get the right equipment. Peter Rosenthal is your guide.

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