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July 2021 issue

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Complete Kit Car July 2021

  • Healy Enigma V8 – New lightweight aluminium chassis car driven
  • Anu Dimension GTB RS – The supercar replica for daily use
  • Westfield Mega S2000 – Huge 400bhp supercharged spec
  • Chesil Speedster build – Porsche replica build that goes it own way
  • Cooling – How to ensure your kit car won’t overheat
  • Fuel injection – What it does and how it does it
    …and much more!

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Healy Enigma V8

Healy Designs has released a new version of the Enigma with a lightweight aluminium chassis and an extended wheelbase. We’ve driven the latest Lexus V8 powered demonstrator.

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Anu Dimension GTB RS

You wouldn’t see too many genuine 911 GT3 RSs in the railway station carpark, but this Porsche Boxster based Anu Dimension has been built for the daily grind. We meet the owner of the practical supercar lookalike.

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Westfield Mega S2000

With a supercharger bolted on to the side of its Honda S2000 engine, this Westfield is producing over 400bhp. That’s just the tip of the iceberg in a spec that’s been comprehensively personalised with Toybox Specialist Cars.

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Chesil Speedster

This Chesil Speedster doesn’t aim to be an authentic replica, instead fulfilling the requirements of its builder. Jack Wood finds out how it differs from the norm.

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Kit car cooling

How do you ensure that your kit car doesn’t overheat? Peter Rosenthal discusses everything you need to know about cooling.

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