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December 2019 issue

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  • DeHavilland F48 – First drive of the sub-£10k roadster
  • One-off GT40 replica – Ambitious bespoke chassis build
  • MK Indy Pt2 – Bike engined track car with hand controls
  • Talking Shop – With AK Sportscars
  • Retro Round-Up – Forgotten kits and specials rediscovered
  • Willys Jeep replica build – One-off Suzuki Jimny based replica
  • LED lighting – What’s involved in a conversion
  • …and much more!

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028 DeHavilland F48.jpg

DeHavilland’s F48 takes as much as possible from its MG TF donor, meaning it can genuinely be built for under £10,000. What’s more, the company claims it’s so easy to build that two people could complete it in just a few weekends. Adam Wilkins got the first drive to see how it performs on the road.

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034 readers GT40.jpg

Any Ford GT40 replica build is ambitious… but how about deciding to build your own chassis as the basis? That’s what Andrew Ledbury did, and you can see how it came together in our December issue. Are you inspired to do the same?

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042 MK Indy.jpg

Here’s an MK Indy with a difference. After being paralysed in a motorcycling accident, Nick Fowler wasn’t ready to give up on thrills. With his dad, the duo built a bike engined track day car with hand controls…

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024 Talking Shop.jpg

AK Sportscars is one of the kit car industry’s most established names. For his latest Talking Shop interview, Jack Wood paid the husband and wife team of Jon and Wendi Freeman to see what makes the company tick.

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050 Retro Round-Up.jpg

A traditional roadster developed by William Towns and a three-wheeler with Harley-Davidson power… just two of the historic cars unearthed by Richard Heseltine in his regular trawl through the archives.

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058 Jimny build.jpg

What do you do when the Suzuki Jimny you love is too rusty to pass another MoT? For Bob Golightly, the answer was to create a replica of a WW2 Willys Jeep. At the moment, it’s a one-off, but he might go ahead and put it into production as a kit. We’ve covered the full build story in our December issue.

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070 how to.jpg

Considering swtiching from bulbs to LEDs? There’s more to consider than just swapping them over… Peter Rosenthal weighs up the pros and cons, and the legalities, in our December issue.

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