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November 2020 issue

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  • MEV Exocet Mk3 – First drive of the new Exocet
  • Caterham Super Seven 1600 – Retro Seven driven
  • Autotune Gemini Pt2 – Yamaha R1 powered track car
  • Retro Round-Up – More forgotten cars from the archive
  • Sylva Striker build – Built in the factory in just three weeks
  • Brakes – How to improve your car’s brake pedal feel
  • Engine blocks – How they’re designed
  • …and much more!

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034 MEV Exocet copy

After ten years in production, the MEV Exocet has had its most significant development yet, now using the Mk3 Mazda MX-5 as its basis. Adam Wilkins got a first drive on track to see what difference the modernisation has made.

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Caterham Super Seven 1600

Caterham’s retro Super Seven 1600 may not be the company’s fastest offering, but it has oodles of charm. Jack Wood spent several days and 1100 miles in it to really get under its skin.

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028 Readers Car Gemini copy

This Autotune Gemini mixes retro styling cues with modern Yamaha R1 powered performance. After ten years in the making, it has some terrific detailing.

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042 Retro Round-Up copy

For this month’s Retro Round-Up, Richard Heseltine turns his attention to cars based on the Mini and BMC 1100/1300. The cars those donors underpinned were nothing if not diverse…

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054 Raw Striker build copy

This Raw Striker was built in just three weeks, using the company’s factory to help meet the tight self-imposed deadline. Jack Wood explains how it came together.

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060 Brake design copy

Does your kit car have the brake pedal feel you prefer? Peter Rosenthal shows you how to make it just right.

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